What is the Yerba Mate Tea?

In Argentina the Mate (yerba mate tea), is much more than a drink, it is part of the national identity, it means meeting. Whether in sad or celebratory moments, alone or with friends, at home or during a trip, you will always see the Argentines accompanied by the mate (yerba mate tea). So, where does it peculiar drink, that is slowly spreading throughout the world, come from? Let’s find it out!

The origin of the mate goes back to the Guaraníes natives, who used the yerba mate leaves as a drink, currency for exchanges and as an offering in celebrations. They considered this plant a gift of gods. To consume the yerba mate, the Guaranies chewed the leaves or put them in a dried pumpkin and made an infusion, the yerba mate tea.

When the conquerors came into contact with the Guaranies, they noticed that after drinking mate (yerba mate tea) the natives were more resistant during the long travels through the jungle. 

The conquerors gradually learned the yerba mate benefits and its uses and incorporated it into their daily lives. In this way, yerba mate drink began to spread throughout the Viceroyalty of the Rio de La Plata. Later the Jesuits began to cultivate the plant with a special form of germination and made the crops spread through all the Jesuit reductions. They called it the Jesuit Tea.


The tradition of mate (yerba mate tea) has remained unchanged since then, constantly expanding into new regions. In Argentina, approximately 20 million kilos of yerba mate are consumed per month. Little by little, each person gave it his mark; sweet or bitter, with herbs, with citrus peel, hot or cold, with milk, etc. Over time it has become the best excuse to talk with friends; Che, tomamos unos mates?

How to prepare Yerba Mate Tea?

1. Choose a pumpkin, glass, wood, metal or other material mate. Fill it up to 3/4 parts with yerba mate.

2. Mix the yerba mate well to make homegenea mixture. Cover the mate’s mouth, turn it over and shake it for a few seconds. Return it to its normal position, leaving the content inclined at about 45 ° so that a cavity is formed in a sector. This will allow to have a homogeneous mixture. (leaves, stick and dust).

3. Pour warm water (50 ° C) into the cavity formed in step 2, so that the bottom of the matte content is moistened and let stand for a few seconds. With this process, we allow the yerba mate to release all its components gradually during priming.

4. Insert the bombilla (sorbet )into the moistened area and lay it against the Mate wall, making sure it is firm.

5. Pour small amounts of hot water (75-85 ° C) in the mate where the sorbet is inserted, being careful not to moisten the top of the yerba mate. Repeat this last step to enjoy some delicious Mates.


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