What is the exchange rate in Argentina?

Official exchange rate in Argentina and "Blue Dollar"

So, you are about to travel and want to know the exchange rate in Argentina. It is a good question and probably the answer at the time of writing this article is different from the moment you are reading.
The exchange rate in Argentina, between the Dollar / Euro and the peso varies constantly, and for greater confusion there is no single exchange rate. How is this? In the banks and in the exchange houses they will change you to the official exchange rate; You would receive around $ 60 Argentine pesos per Dollar, and approximately $ 65 Argentine pesos per Euro.

But there is also the so-called Blue Dollar (unofficial) in various stores or even on the street you will find people offering to change at a higher exchange rate; At this time around $ 75 per Dollar. Although this practice is frequent, it is advisable to do it in trusted places indicated by your travel coordinator or your hotel staff to avoid receiving counterfeit money.

exchange rate in argentina

Credit Cards and ATM

When you make purchases with your credit or debit card, the exchange rate that will be used will be the official one, this means that if the product you buy costs 600 Argentine pesos, you will pay approximately 10 US Dollars (consult with your bank about extra commission for operating abroad).

If you prefer to withdraw Argentine pesos through an ATM you should consult with your bank the commission for operating abroad, consider that in some cases withdrawing cash from an ATM will cost around US $ 10- $ 15 for a withdrawal of US $ 100-150. A lot. You should also consider that some cash machines have a withdrawal limit of around $ 4000 pesos. Others have a limit of $ 6000 pesos, that means that you may be paying 10 usd to make a withdrawal of 100 usd.

To sum up, fee by the Argentinian bank + any fees your home bank will charge you + hidden fees (the spread on the exchange rate) = A lot of money. That’s why we consider that withdrawing at ATMs is not a recommended option. Many businesses in Argentina, especially those dedicated to tourist items, will accept payment directly in foreign currency. It is important to verify that the exchange rate in these cases is convenient.

You can check the different current exchange rates in Argentina on this page Dollar Exchange Rate Argentina or on this one in the case of Euro Euro Exchange Rate  Argentina

What is the exchange rate in Chile?

In Chile the situation is a bit simpler, at this time the exchange rate in Chile is approximately 770 Chilean pesos for each Dollar, and 860 Chilean pesos for each euro.  You can check the most up-to-date information on this  page for Euro Euro Exchange Rate Chile and here Dollar Exchange Rate Chile  for Dollar.

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