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This is a trip trought the amazing Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina. Discover Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Capital known around the world because being the cradle of Tango. Get to know every corner of the city through an exclusive and personalized Buenos Aires city tour. Then explore the vastness of Patagonia Argentina probably one of the most beatiful regions over the world, from Bariloche and the Lakes District in Northern Patagonia to the Beagle Channel in Ushuaia passing through the impressive wildlife of Peninsula Valdés, El Calafate’s amazing glaciers and El Chalten and Fitz Roy best trekking trails.

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An adventure through the incredible landscapes of Argentine Patagonia from north to south discovering every corner of its best attractions. Enjoy Bariloche and the charming lake district, with its wonderful landscapes resulting from the mixture of huge forests, turquoise lakes and emblematic mountains. Another spectacular attraction of Patagonia is the amazing wildlife in Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdés, whales, penguins, sea lions, among many others species  of local fauna will accompany you in this part of your travel.

Then travel south to discover the Argentina’s best trekking trails in El Chalten immersed in a landscape of mountains and forest, and the incredible Glaciers tours in El Calafate. Continue traveling even southern until reach the End of The World in Ushuaia and navigate The Beagle Channel. So dare to discover this itinerary where nothing of Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina is left to be known.

All travel ideas are fully customizable, so we make travel proposals adapted to your interests, activities you enjoy, travel dates and destinations you want to visit.

Example Trip Itinerary

DAYS 1-2

Buenos Aires


Private transfer from international airport to your hotel in Buenos Aires

Accommodation in Buenos Aires
Legado Mítico

Located in the center of the modern Palermo Soho neighborhood, Legado Mítico offers a warm and exclusive atmosphere inspired by history and culture, evoking mythical Argentine characters. .

buenos aires and patagonia argentina

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, a cosmopolitan city that expresses at every step the influence of the many migratory currents. Its commercial activity is very intense, reflected in numerous places of the main world brands, galleries and shopping centers and is also a remarkable cultural center, with numerous museums, exhibitions, art galleries, cinemas and theaters with national and international shows.

The city concentrated in its different neighborhoods, the most diverse attractions. The historical sector formed by  San Telmo and Monserrat, which contain the main historical monuments, in addition to a colonial architectural heritage. Also picturesque neighborhood of La Boca, with its famous Caminito street and its typical multicolored landscape. In contrast, neighborhoods such as Palermo and Recoleta stand out for their large green spaces and elegant buildings and for being located there the best restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops. Finally the recent neighborhood of Puerto Madero, with its old port warehouses converted into offices, homes, entertainment venues and elegant restaurants overlooking the river. And probably the most famous attraction of Buenos Aires is the Tango. This city has many milongas and tango shows where you can enjoy an excellent show or dare to take some lessons to learn this sensual dance. Strat your Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina itinerary.

Day 1: Arriving to Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

The first day in this Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina trip, you will arrive to Buenos Aires Airport where your private guide will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel at the Palermo neighborhood, with fashionable areas where you will find restaurants of all kinds, chic cocktail bars and original clothing stores, because of what it is known as one of the most glamorous neighborhoods in the city. Palermo has several parks, a rose garden, a planetarium, master samples of modern Latin American artists and the Evita Museum that shows the life of Eva Perón. 

Day 2: Take a look to Buenos Aires
argentina travel

The street artists, the cafes, and the tango dancers, it’s a must see for everyone who visit Buenos Aires because each neighborhood in the city shows a different part of its culture, so it is time to explore them. Your private guide will take you to discover the most emblematic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, starting in the city’s heart, a few meters from Plaza de Mayo, with panoramic views, you can appreciate historical places, cultural spaces and unique streets steeped in Argentine culture, Palermo, Recoleta, Retiro, San Nicolas (9th July Aveneu, Colon Theater, Obelisk), Montserrat (Plaza de Mayo), San Telmo, La Boca, Puerto Madero, to help you get to know this fascinating metropolis. The tour is flexible so you can make stops, suggestions to the guide, and detours according to your interests.

After your tour, you can spend the rest of the day exploring on your own and trying one of the excellent restaurants in the city or enjoy a lively Tango Show in a typical Café of Buenos Aires.


Private Transfer to Buenos Aires Domestic Airport


From Buenos Aires to Bariloche

DAYS 3 - 5

The Iguazú Falls

Accommodation in Puerto Iguazu


Private transfer from the aiport to your hotel in Puerto Iguazú

Amerian Iguazu

Located just 100 meters from the Milestone of the Three Borders with the best view of the union of the Iguazú and Paraná rivers, Amérian Portal del Iguazú is a 5 stars hotel with 117 rooms, 2 bars, 2 restaurants (one Gourmet and one Regional), Spa and a room for events and conventions.

argentina travel

This Iguazu Falls and Argentina Wines trip, continues in the majestic falls, which are located inside the Atlantic Rainforest,  is an area of ​​nature conservation with 275 waterfalls.

This spectacular park, shared by Argentina and Brazil is located next to the Triple Border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay where Iguazu and Parana rivers meet.

The Atlantic Rainforest with its lush vegetation and colorful wildlife and the stunning waterfalls make Iguazu one of the main travel destinations in the world. Let’s enjoy this magical land!

Day 3: Arriving to Puerto Iguazu

The third day of our Iguazu Falls and Argentina Wines itinerary, fly north to Puerto Iguazu, on the border of Argentina and Brazil, gateway to the Iguazu National Park and its amazing waterfalls.

Your private guide will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to your first-class hotel and you can enjoy the rest of the day exploring the city by your own, tasting local cuisine or relaxing at the hotel. Iguazu Falls and Argentina Wines

Day 4: Iguazú Falls Argentina Side
argentina travel

Visit the impressive Argentinian waterfalls, with your local guide, walk along the paths of the lower circuit enjoying the views of the waterfalls, the lush vegetation and colorful wildlife.

Then you will visit the upper circuit to see the same falls from a different perspective.  The tour finish with the visit to the most impressive waterfall, La Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat), a spectacle of nature at 80 meters height.

To get to the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat) you will take the ecological train and then walk out along walkways. You can stay and appreciate the impressive landscape and refresh ourselves as the steam from the waves that break on the rocks will spray you completely. An experience you will never forget! Iguazu Falls and Argentina Wines

Day 5: Iguazú Falls Brazil Side
argentina travel

Discover the Brazilian side of the falls in the Iguazu Falls and Argentina Wines tour. While Argentina has most of the falls on its side, Brazil has the best panoramic view of the park. When you visit the Argentine side you will feel being right inside the falls, but visiting the Brazilian side you will be able to fully realize the greatness of the Iguazu Falls Park.

Your private guide will accompany you along walkways so you can appreciate the scale and immensity of this magnificent natural site. You can take other excursions, such as zodiac boat tours. (To visit the Brazilian side of the falls you need a tourist visa.)


Private transfer to Puerto Iguazu Airport


Flight from Iguazu to Salta


Salta La Linda


Private transfer to your hotel in Salta

Accommodation in Salta
Legado Mítico

Legado Mítico Salta is a high-end boutique hotel in the Historic District of the city Salta. Live the restorative feeling of staying in a house that retains its origin as a patrician family, with the most exclusive amenities that place it at the top of hotel ratings in the region.

UP GRADE : House of Jasmines

Our Argentina Northwest itinerary starts in Salta City, located in the Lerma Valley, at the foot of San Bernardo Hill, it is the main city and gateway to the Argentine Northwest Region (NOA). Founded by the Spanish in 1582, it retains the only architectural style that was not copied from Europe, the American Baroque. Its main square is surrounded by the main buildings such as cathedrals, San Francisco and Santo Domingo. Salta also has important museums with archaeological exhibitions of world relevance. Its cultural shows, diversity of peñas, restaurants and tourist services make the visitor experience to this beautiful city unforgettable.

Day 1: Arriving to Salta la Linda
Argentina Northwest

This city is the gateway of Northwest Region. Your local guide will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to your hotel and give you some tips so you can spend the rest of the day exploring the city by your own. You can visit the museums, taste the local food or go to the local peñas to enjoy the folkloric music and dance. And after a glass of wine, you will probably join in for dancing!


The Great Salt Flats & Purmamarca

Accommodation in Purmamarca
La Comarca Hotel

Shire, Charming hotel, was built in a privileged place in the beautiful village of Purmamarca, located at the foot of the spectacular Cerro de los Siete Colores and heart of the Quebrada mythical Humahuaca.

Day 11: Salt Flats, Lipán Slope & Purmamarca
Argentina Northwest

Visit the Salinas Grandes (Great Salt Flats) and travel parallel to the famous “Tren de las Nubes” (The Train to the Clouds) Railway appreciating the platforms and the bridges that impact for their size and majesty.

You will visit the small town of Campo Quijano, gateway to The Puna; the Quebrada del Toro (Bull Gorge); Santa Rosa de Tastil which is a little town of no more than 50 inhabitants, and see the museum and Tastil ruins; San Antonio de Los Cobres and the stunning Salinas Grandes that seems to be a solid ocean immerse in the landscape of the Puna.You continue through the Cuesta del Lipan (Lipan Slope), the highest point reaches 4170m (13,680 ft) above sea level, to reach the Cerro de los Siete Colores (Seven Colors Hill) in Purmamarca.

After, visit the main square, the handcraft market and the streets of Purmamarca you can stay the night in this picturesque town or came back to Salta City. Puna Region with its moon landscape, is also the home of a varied local fauna like vicuñas, llamas, zuris, foxes and condors. This tour allows you to discover different landscapes and learn about the life of the inhabitants of this large region. The area with its moon landscape, is also the home of a varied local fauna like vicuñas, llamas, zuris, foxes and condors.


The Colorful Humahuaca Gorge

Day 3: Humahuaca Gorge Tour

Continue the Argentina Northwest trip traveling north to Jujuy Province to explore the beautiful mountain valley landscape of the Quebrada de Humahuaca (Humahuaca Gorge) and the impressive colorful mountain range during all the way. Humahuaca Gorge is dotted with a bunch of amazing attractions such us the Cerro de los Siete Colores (Seven Color Hill) in Purmarca, the Pucará de Tilcara, a dilapidated but well restored pre-Incan native fortress and the Cerro Paleta del Pintor (Painter Palette Hill) at Maimará village.

You will also visit the small town of Uquía to see 17th-century paintings by indigenous students of the Cuzco School called Cusqueñas Paintings and the little Uquía Church. Then you will pass through Huacalera, and while crossing the Tropic of Capricorn road, admire the multicolored La Pollera de la Coya Hill. Finally, you reach the picturesque Humahuaca and enjoy its colorful narrow streets, handcraft markets and typical local food.

DAYS 9 -10

Calchaqui Valleys

Accommodation in Cafayate
Cafayate Wine Resort

Nestled within a vineyard at the foot of the impressive San Isidro Hill Cafayate-Wine Resort is a unique place to relax while you enjoy fine wines, magnificent landscapes, and the peace and quiet of the Northwest Region.

Let’s continue exporing the Argentina Northwest in a two day excursion to Calchaqui Valleys. Immerse yourself in the vastness of these wonderful valleys through roads between pronounced gorges, local flora and fauna, Inca history vestiges, enchanting quiet villages, antique churches and interesting museums.

Day 4: Los Cardones National Park, Cachi, Molinos & Las Flechas Gorge

Start the day visiting the two first gorges the Laures and Escoipe, then the landscape begins to change little by little until we approach to the Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop Slope), a 20-kilometer stretch of zigzag of provincial route No. 33 that reaches its maximum height of 3620 meters in Piedra del Molino. The landscape that accompanies this winding road is spectacular and from the top you will be able to appreciate an incredible panoramic view of the valley. This is the connective road to get to the high valleys, where the Calchaqui Valley wine region sits too.

Argentina Northwest
Los Cardones National Park

We will take the Recta del Tin Tin a perfect straight line upon which the route was built. It is so perfect that is difficult to achieve with the technology we have nowadays, but according to anthropological and historiographic studies, it was constructed in an artisanal way by the original peoples that inhabited the area. This line crosses the Los Cardones National Park, a cactus and cardon desert that was declared a protected area to promote its preservation over time.

Cachi, Molinos and Las Flechas Gorge
Argentina Northwest

We will see huge cactus on the way to Cachi, a small town in of Spanish and native traditions forms the most beautiful architecture. In the afternoon, we will continue exploring the valleys and visit the city of Molinos and Angastaco, just before visiting Las Flechas Gorge, with its spectacular rock formations. After visiting its curious passages, we will arrive at Cafayate where we spend the night.


Is one of the most popular destinations of the Argentina Northwest wine region. The wine is renowned in Argentina, especially because of the star product of the region: Torrontes Wine. Enjoy the end of the day in this picturesque town sipping on a sunset drink in the main square, or a Malbec ice cream from a traditional Gelato Shop.

Day 5: Cafayate & Las Conchas Gorge

On the second day of this Calchaqui Valley adventure let’s take a look to the wineries and wine yards. Enjoy a morning touring one of the best wineries in Cafayate; El Esteco, Piatelli, El Porvenir are some of the options to try the best Cafayate wines and learn about their production process. Then you’ll leave Cafayate and to immerse into the forbidding of Las Conchas Gorge, where the erosion has carved fascinating red shapes into the rocks.

Get prepared to visit this Natural Reserve to enjoy the views of its colorful hills and discover the most particular rocky highlights: the Frog, Obelisk the Castles,  Ampitheater and the famous Devil’s Throat. You will finish the day coming back to Salta, to finish this Argentina Northwest itinerary. Spend the evening visiting a peña to mingle with locals and taste a local dish.


Private transfer to Salta Airport


Flight from Salta to Mendoza




Private transfer from Mendoza Airport to your hotel

Accommodation in Mendoza

Diplomatic Hotel

Diplomatic Hotel is distinguished by its architectural elegance, quality of service and its commitment to provide stylish experiences. Diplomatic Hotel has an Argentine cuisine restaurant where you can enjoy the most exquisite dishes designed by Chef Claudio Lucero.

UP GRADE : Park Hyatt Mendoza
Buenos Aires , Iguazu Falls & Argentina Wines

Lest’s continue our Iguazu Falls and Argentina Wines itinerary in the City of Mendoza, located in the center-west of Argentina, is the gateway to the Cuyo Region, recognized worldwide for the production of the highest quality wines in the world. Its landscapes of vineyards and wineries surrounded by valleys, rivers and the impressive Andes mountain range make this region one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina. Let’s explore this lovely region and taste best Argentinian wines!

Day 11: Arriving to Mendoza
Buenos Aires , Iguazu Falls & Argentina Wines

Fly to Mendoza where your private guide will be waiting for you to take you to your first-class hotel. You can enjoy the rest of the day exploring the city by your own, tasting local cuisine or relaxing at the hotel.

Day 12 : Catena's World
Buenos Aires , Iguazu Falls & Argentina Wines

In this Iguazu Falls and Argentina Wines, discover and enjoy the secrets of everything related with Catena Zapata, the family that took Argentine wines to the world! Its wines, its wineries, its history, its passion for this fantastic drink. Catena Zapata Family has been in Argentinian viticulture for more than 100 years and four family generations. You will visit Caro, Catena Zapata and Casa El Enemigo wineyards and wineries. Catena’s World, a day for total delight, a tour of the best Argentine wines.

Day 13: Choose your Adventure

For the eighth day of the Iguazu Falls and Argentina Wines, there are plenty of alternative options that can be arranged in this area as well:

Buenos Aires , Iguazu Falls & Argentina Wines

Horseback Riding “Quebrada del Cóndor”: Enjoy a fantastic horse ride day tour immersed in an amazing landscape. Accommpanied by your local guide you head up to the  Quebrada del Condor  through the village of Potrerillos and “Mirador de la Hoyada”.

Once there the ride starts, at the foot of the “Cordón del Plata” in the Uco Valley.

The local wildlife and flora will amaze you, llamas, condors, foxes, hares and awesome birds will be part of this ride. We will follow then ancient paths to reach a viewpoint at 2800 meters above sea level, in order to appreciate the unique scenery of the “Cordón del plata” ridge, and the Potrerillos Valley. The world famous argentine “Asado” will be served for lunch. Explore, enjoy, feel and taste this charming place of Argentina.

Buenos Aires , Iguazu Falls & Argentina Wines

Aconcagua Experience: Let’s  enjoy a great day with unforgettable views of the Andes, and will get closer than ever to the highest mountain in the Americas.

We will also give you the chance to take a walk on the trails of the Aconcagua Provincial Park, visit the Horcones Lagoon, and get the best views of Aconcagua´s South Face.


Private transfer to Mendoza Airport


Flight from Mendoza to Bariloche

DAY 14

Bariloche & The Lake District


Private transfer to your hotel in the Bariloche

Accommodation in The Lake District
Alma del Lgo

The Alma Del Lago Suite offers modern accommodation with panoramic views of Lake Nahuel Huapi. It has an excellent restaurant and wine bar and extensive spa facilities.

UP GRADE : Llao Llao
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

On the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche is the gateway to one of the most beautiful regions of Argentina, The Lakes District, where you can find  lakes, rivers, snowy peaks and lush vegetation. As a result of its location, is the the ideal base for exploring picturesque landscapes, hiking trails and taste some of the best chocolate in South America, because of that, that is considered one of the most important tourist centers in Argentina. The buildings are distinguished because of its architectural features, stone and wood constructions, with slate roof, similar to the style of traditional alpine villas. In the city center there are varied shops and commercial galleries, confectionery and restaurants and can buy regional chocolates and jams of fine fruits grown in the area. Let’s explore more of this Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina trip!

Day 14 : Arriving to Bariloche and Circuito Chico
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Once at Bariloche your private guide will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to your first class hotel, which offers magnificent views because of its location  right on the shore of the lake. During the afternoon we invite you to discover the charms of this place with your private local guide by getting to know the Circuito Chico in which you will border the Nahuel Huapi Lake and visiting the Llao Llao peninsula viewpoint, the Swiss Colony and Cerro Campanario. You can combine the main attractions of the area with less visited places and trekking trails. The tour is total flexible so you can make stops, suggestions to the guide, and detours according to your interests. In the enevening you can relax, discover the city center and enjoy a delicious local chocolate.

Day 15 : Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

The fourth day of the Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina, in Bariloche is ideal to navigate and know Isla Victoria and its incredible Arrayanes Forest. 25 km from Bariloche is Puerto Pañuelo, from where depart the boats that sail the crystalline waters of Nahuel Huapi Lake to the ancient Victoria Island and the famous Arrayanes Forest, probably one of the best tours in the area. During navigation you will  be able to admire the intense color of the water, the vegetation that is reflected in the lake, and as a backdrop and the mountains of eternal snows, immersed in a breathtaking landscape. The beauty of every corner of the island, and its stunning natural environment, make this trip an experience to enjoy fully.

Day 16 : Bariloche Adventure Day

For the tird day we propose an active day in which you can choose between two options, kayaking in Lago Mascardi, or Mountain Bike in Cerro Catedral, so you decide which is the best option for you . If you don’t want to spend an active day, of course, you can also choose a quieter activity.

argentina travel
Check the options:

Kayaking in Lago Mascardi: This is a intense full day kayak excursion topped along the Tronador Arm of Lake Mascardi, located in the heart of Nahuel Huapi National Park. With turquoise water, always green Patagonian forest and incredible views of the Tronador and Bonete Hills, the landscape acquires a unique drama. You’ll stop in a remote beach so you can have lunch and relax before paddling back. In all excursions the basic notions of kayaking will be explained.

Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Cerro Catedral Bike Park: You can reach magnificent places by bike, and challenge the mountain in the fast descents. Therefore departures are guided by expert cyclists, knowledgeable about the terrain. The best place to practice this sport is the Bike Park of Cerro Catedral. Just as during the winter the mountain is the meeting point for all skiers, in contrast in summer the Bike Park opens its doors to adventure and excitement, so you can enjoy a wide variety of circuits with difficulty levels appropriate to each stage of learning. Starting from the hotel you will be transfer to the base of Catedral Ski Resort to start the bike ride. Along the way you will enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Lake Gutierrez and the Lake Moreno as well as the surrounding mountains.  Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina.


Private transfer to Bariloche Airport


Flight from Bariloche to Trelew


Puerto Madryn & Peninsula Valés


Private transfer from Trelew Airport to your hotel in Puerto Madryn

Accommodation in Puerto Madryn
Dazzler Madryn

Located on the promenade of the city of Puerto Madryn, one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. The hotel has magnificent views of the gulf.

MORE OPTIONS : Peninsula Hotel
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Located in the Province of Chubut, around the Golfos Nuevo and San Jose and 50km from Peninsula Valdes, Puerto Madryn is one of the most thriving cities in Patagonia and a main destination in our Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina itinerary. With a beautiful Main Avenue, is also a port and industrial city. This area has the ​greatest wildlife interest in Patagonia because is home to a variety of species of birds and marine mammals in a protected environment, like, elephants and sea lions, penguins, killer whales, tonines, and the right whales that are the main attraction for tourists visiting the area. The city is also the National Diving Capital because of its transparent waters of extraordinary color that allow you to discover the varied marine fauna. So let’s enjoy three days in this amazing natural environment.

Day 17 : Arriving to Puerto Madryn and Penguins in Punta Tombo
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Continue your  Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina trip arriving to Trelew, your private guide will be waiting for you at the airpot to take you to Punta Tombo, the largest Magellanic Penguins Colony in the world. And after the visit the guide will take you to your hotel in Puerto Madryn so you can enjoy the rest of the day exploring the city by your own.

Day 18 : Peninsula Valdés Navigation
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Discover this UNESCO World Heritage site. To get there you will take an incredible way with sea on both sides. The first stop will be at Caleta Valdes to visit a colony of sea elephants., then you will continue along the path while suddenly falling over a crescent of rock cliffs overlooking a blue bay and the small town of Puerto Pirámides from where the navigations depart. Most noteworthy the Right Whales visit the area from June to December, the Dolphins, orcas, sea lions, and other wildlife may also be viewed during your excursion. Animals visit the area at different times of the year. So let us know when you want to travel and we will tell you what you expect to see.

Day 19 : Let's enjoy an Adventure with Sea Lions

For the tird day we propose an active day in which you can choose between two options, Kayaking or Snorkeling with Sea Lions, so you decide which is the best option for you . Of course, if you don’t want to spend an active day, you can also choose a quieter activity.

Check the options:
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Snorkeling with Sea Lions: The place where the activity is done is the Punta Loma. The navigation to the snorkeling area takes approximately 25 minutes. Groups generally do not exceed 6 people out. Just arrived, we are ready for water which is cool, but with suits almost do not feel the cold. The boat is approximately 20 meters from the animals and sea lions are curious and restless animals, they always approach groups, so gradually they go approaching and generating interaction with us. They les much attention people and like to play. The game is harmless and peaceful. The activity in the water takes about 45 minutes and the presence of sea lions is almost constant. Sometimes the sea lions accompany you to climb the boat. It is a fun and cute experience that generate interaction with animals in their natural habitat.

Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Kayaking with Sea Lions: This kayak expedition with sea lions, seeking to mix the adventure and excitement of sailing in a sea kayak, along with a deep interpretation of the natural environment in which this activity takes place. Together with our specialized guides, paddling in a kayak, in waters of the New Gulf, making different stops for the observation and interpretation of the fauna, flora and geography of the place. When we arrive to Punta Loma we will see the sea lions. The sea lions are curious and restless animals, they always approach groups. Gradually they go approaching and generating interaction with us. They les much attention people and like to play. The game is harmless and peaceful. It is an expedition of very low physical requirement, which makes this one of the most chosen, by those who do not have previous experience.


Private transfer to Trelew Airport


Flight from Trelew to El Calafate


El Chalten


Private Transfer from El Calafate Airport to El Chalten

Accommodation in El Chalten
Chalten Suites

Chalten Suites offers a personalized service in very comfortable facilities, designed exclusively for those who like peace, tranquility, comfort, good food and the unsurpassed view of the Andean mountains.

UP GRADE : Don Los Cerros
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

This magic mountain town is located in the southern Andes, within the Los Glaciares National Park (Santa Cruz Province), in a valley where the rivers De las Vueltas and Fitz Roy meet, as a result, Chlten is enclosed between rivers and mountains. Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre are a challenge for climbers around the world, consequently, mountains are the predominant figures in the landscape of El Chalten, which offers many trekking options among lengas and ñires forests, beautiful lakes, rivers and hanging glaciers that you can explore with your local guide. Get to know the trekking destination of our Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina itinerary. 

Day 20 : Arriving to El Chalten
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Take your flight to El Calafate Airport where the local driver will be waiting for you to take you to El Chalten. While in the way you will enjoy the Patagonian Steppe landscape with its lakes, rivers and native fauna like the guanacos. A few kilometers before reaching the town you will begin to see the impressive mountain peaks that enclose this charming place. Once you arrive you can enjoy the rest of the day walking around the downtown.

Day 21 : Fitz Roy Trekking Day
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Arrive to the base of Mount Fitz Roy, walking into the lengas and ñires forest, crossing streams and rivers, watching hanging glaciers immersed in a surprising landscape. First of all, you will go by car accompanied by the local guide to the starting point of the trail at El Pilar Hotel, and from this point you will start an 8-hour hike into the forest, during which you will watch the Piedras Blancas Hanging Glacier, a great variety of typical flora and fauna, and you will cross streams and rivers, always accompanied by the impressive view of Monte Fitz Roy wich will be getting closer and closer until we reach the its base in Laguna de Los Tres.

The last hour of the hike is very intense and with a steep slope, so you will be able to decide with your guide which part of the path to cross. Finally, you will descend from Laguna de los Tres and return to El Chalten by foot along the Laguna Capri Trail.

Day 22 : Explore More of El Chalten
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Spend another day hikking and discover this amazing area, probably you would like to take one more of the many trekking trails. You can take a self-guided path by your own, hiking trails are well-marked and easy to follow, or if you prefer, arrange another day with your local guide. Of course, if you don’t want to spend an active day, you can also choose to spend the day at town or relaxing at hotel.


Private Transfer from El Chalten to El Calafate


El Calafate

Accommodation in El Calafate
Alto Calafate

The Alto Calafate Hotel is located on the side of a hill that will allow you to enjoy the wonderful views of Lake Argentino, Calafate Hill and the lush Patagonian landscapes. 

Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Located on the shore of Lake Argentino, in the middle of the Patagonian Steppe, El Calafate is one of the most important tourist centers in Argentina, because this picturesque tourist village is the gateway to the Southern Section of Los Glaciares National Park and its most famous attraction, the Perito Moreno Glacier. In addition to the Continental Ice and its various glaciers, you can enjoy other activities such as trekking, 4×4, horseback riding, kayaking, rating, fishing, sailing among others. Also, from the city you can visit a wide variety of Patagonian Estancias, where it is possible to stay or spend a country day and appreciate the typical rural activities of the area, taste a roast of lamb and enjoy the peace and vastness of Patagonia.

Day 23 : Arrive to El Calafate

Take the transfer from El Chalten to El Calafate while you enjoy the spectacular Patagonian landscape. Once in the city you can enjoy it by your own and visit one of the typical restaurants to taste local food.

Day 24 : Discover the Perito Moreno Glacier
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Go to visit one of the World’s Natural Wonder, the Perito Moreno Glacier which flows down from the Southern Patagonian Icefield, a big sheet of ice, is the third largest glacier area over the world. The road leads to the very front of the glacier, which will be only meters away from your eyes and you also will take a catamaran to navigate in front of its 70 meters high ice walls. The private guide will accompany you during your visit to the national park and the tour is flexible so you can make stops, suggestions to the guide, and detours according to your interests. Once back in Calafate you will came back to the hotel to enjoy a typical Patagonian dinner.

Day 25 : Let's Navigate
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

​Enjoy MarPatag Gourmmet Glaciers excursion, the most exclusive full day navigation in the Los Glaciares National Park, offering saling through the waters of Argentino Lake on the ship Maria Turquesa, visiting Upsala and Spegazzini Glacier, navigating between huge ice floes, in it exclusive Cruise.


Private transfer to El Calafate Airport


Flight from El Calafate to Ushuaia




Private transfer from Ushuaia Airport to your hotel

Accommodation in Ushuaia
Los Cauquenes

The only high-end Resort & Spa located in Ushuaia on the Beagle Channel beach, behind the snow-capped peaks of the imposing Andes Mountains and only 4 km from the city of Ushuaia.

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Ushuaia is southernmost city in the world, and the last destination in our Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina itinerary. It is located on the banks of the Beagle Channel, over a bay of unique beauty which form the closest deep water natural port to Antarctica, reason for what Ushuaia is known as the gateway to the Ice Continent. The combination of mountains, glaciers, sea, forests and snow offers a unique landscape that makes Ushuaia one of the most beautiful cities in Argentina, offering multiple activities in both summer and winter. Winter is ideal for skiing and other snow sportsand and in contrast, in summer, tourist can enjoy attractions such as the Tierra del Fuego National Park, trekking trails, lakes, glaciers, wildlife, navigations and more. Let’s take a look to this stunning landscape.

Day 26 : Arriving to Ushuaia
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Take your flight to Ushuaia Airport where the local guide will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel while you take some time to see to the city during the way. So once you arrive you can enjoy the rest of the day by your own, visiting the downtown or relaxing at the hotel.

Day 27 : Trekking and Canoeing at Tierra del Fuego National Park
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Visit Tierra del Fuego National Park in an unconventional way, and combine two activities inside an amazing natural environment. It includes a trekking through the coastal path, ideal for watching wildlife, and a canoeing tour down the Lapataia River up to the Lapataia Bay, the endpoint of the National Route Nº 3. While the journey you will probably see aquatic birds and sometimes, even sea mammals. Once the trekking starts, you walk through archaeological sites, the famous shellfish fossils piles-souvenirs from the old inhabitants of the region, the Yamanas. These were sea nomads who are almost entirely gone today. After 3-4 hours trekking you will reach Lake Roca, where you will stop to enjoy a country style lunch and then, start the canoe/ duckies trip down the Lapataia River.

Day 28 : Estancia Harberton, Beagle Channel and Penguins
Buenos Aires & Patagonia Argentina

Combine the visit to the historic Estancia Harberton with the navigation through the Beagle Channel to the see a penguins colony. This Ranch, considered of high historical value, was founded in 1886 by the Anglican missionary Thomas Bridges and his wife Mary Ann Varder. It is the oldest “estancia” of Tierra del Fuego, and keeps its original construction of wood and corrugated sheet, it quay and terraces of native stone. There you can visit the museum “ACATUSHUN” of birds and marine mammals. From the estancia you will cross the Beagle Channel in zoodiac to the Martillo island or Yecapasela. During the navigation we can see typical seabirds such as petrels, skuas, cormorants, seagulls and albatrosses. Once in Martillo Island you will make a short walk to the colony of penguins where you share with these birds in their natural habitat.


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Add an extra night in El Chalten to discover one more of its incredible trekking trails. You can also extend the itinerary by adding one more night in El Calafate to spend one night in a typical Patagonian Estancia (Ranch), enjoy demonstrations of equestrian activities, go hiking with your guide, take a horseback ride and taste an exquisite lamb barbecue.

Add some days in Torres del Paine in Chile, considered one of the most beautiful places on the world and one of the best trekking areas.

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