5 Best Steakhouses in Buenos Aires according to locals

Let’s know about 5 Best Steakhouses in Buenos Aires! One of the recognizable features of the idiosyncrasies of Argentines is the predilection for a good barbecue, a symbol of the encounter between friends and family time. In a survey conducted in 2018, more than 17,000 porteños chose which is the best grill in Buenos Aires. The distinctive feature of the election is that many neighborhood grills and not so well known were rewarded.

Find out here which places are recommended by “the porteños”.

5 Best Steakhouses in Buenos Aires – Positions

Position 1 – La Cabrera 

5 Best Steakhouses in Buenos Aires

Meat delights of La Cabrera in the neighborhood of Palermo, in its two premises of José Antonio Cabrera Street – 5099 and 5127 -, Buenos Aires.

La Cabrera is in the top of the list of the 5 best steakhouses in Buenos Aires. The case of La Cabrera is a story of overcoming. The year was 2001 and the financial crisis hit Argentina. But Gastón Riveira took a risk and opened the first store in La Cabrera.

He managed to give a twist to the classic and thus offers tickets such as the provoleta with raw ham and basil pesto that is repeated at each of the tables. There, there are also cuts of steer of Argentine Angus, Wagyu Argentino and even steak eye steak with bone of 15 days of maturation. The most appreciated are the top quality meats and the special attention that makes you want to return.

Position 2 – “Siga la vaca” (Follow the Cow)

5 Best Steakhouses in Buenos Aires

In second place of the 5 best steakhouses in Buenos Aires, the porteños chose the grill Follow the Cow, from Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1714, in Puerto Madero

Second, the porteños chose the grill Siga la Vaca. It is one of the best known of this top ten. The Puerto Madero place has comfortable and spacious well-lit spaces, and an exclusive view of the port, a distinction that gives it a romantic and relaxing tint.

It is handled with the concept of a “all you can eat”, and offers delicious cuts of meat and selection with a delicate wine list.

Position 3 – Don Julio

5 Best Steakhouses in Buenos Aires

Parrilla Don Julio is located in Guatemala 4691, in the Palermo Viejo neighborhood, and is open every day.

For the Buenos Aires, the third place was taken by thegrill Don Julio, which also offers excellent cuts of meat and very good wine suggestions. The place is of a traditional design architecture. But it starts outside: it has a sector of tables and chairs on the covered path, ideal for those who want to eat outdoors.

Inside, the living room has details such as its exposed brick walls, the original ceramic of its floors or the bottles that decorate the environment. It has a family and friendly climate. Among the highlights is the goat cheese provoleta; the eye of steak; the chorizo ​​steak; the beef steak; or the pork churrasquito.

For the end, the dessert “sigh porteño” (cream of dulce de leche, brownie, caramel nuts, coconut meringue and hazelnuts) stands out.

Position 4 – La Rana 

5 Best Steakhouses in Buenos Aires

The grill La Rana, located at Av. Álvarez Thomas 3425, in the neighborhood of Villa Urquiza. A warm and wide corner with a sector on the sidewalk, semi-covered, ideal for times of good weather.

Fourth, the grill was La Rana. Thus the neighborhoods have built their own winners. This restaurant is a flag in a very angular corner of the Villa Urquiza neighborhood.

The interior lounge – on two levels – balconea to the street in almost all its perimeter; You can also savor a dish on the sidewalk, being another attraction. Its decoration is simple, with pure walls and wicker screens from where the whole room is illuminated.

As for the flavors, there are presentations such as the provoleta with dried tomatoes and the soft pesto; the pork breast; sucker roast strip; the pizza slaughterhouse; the pork bondiola; the chorizo ​​steak; the Italian salad (arugula, radicheta, watercress, basil, dried tomatoes, black olives, bocconcinos, with La Rana vinaigrette), among others.

Position 5 – El Boliche de Nico

5 Best Steakhouses in Buenos Aires

On Av. Los Incas 4287, in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood. Warm and familiar atmosphere.

El Boliche de Nico was in fifth place according to the BA Capital Gastronomic contest.

Competing for the love of the neighborhood, this villa with fifteen years of existence also appears in Villa Urquiza. With a clear family imprint. It is simple, but glorious in taste and abundance. It proposes special dishes designed for each day of the week and long tables, with many diners for trays full of pieces. The rib is a must. It is usually valued because it combines good quality and price.

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